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At this moment, there are no bartending schools located in Jacksonville Florida that meet our requirements! Orlando is our nearest school. If you like info on our fine school in Orlando, then please link below.



Please try back at a later date for a school listing in Jacksonville, Florida.



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Bartending Inside-Out ~ The Guide to Profession, Profit and Fun

by Lori Marcus

Bartending Inside Out“A perfect Bartending 101~ "Heads up, bartenders, here's a book for you. Whether you're a rookie or an old pro, Lori Marcus' "Bartending Inside-Out" is a must. Marcus presents the ins and outs of bartending in clear, concise form, covering everything from how beer is made to how to pour it correctly. You'll find practical translations of bar-speak language such as "shaken" "stirred" and "straight up." Marcus lays out the most common back bar beverages and explains their makeup and use. Her to-the-point, no-nonsense style makes "Bartending Inside-Out" one of the most easily read reference and learning tools available today. You'll learn pouring techniques, responsible service and how-to maximize sales. "Bartending Inside-Out" is complete with index, glossary and recipes." As reviewed in Nightclub & Bar Magazine

Knowledge is the key to success. Anyone can learn the mechanics of bartending but successful bartenders will agree that that the secret to making a good job into a great job goes way beyond the mechanics of fast and flair bartending. In order to make money and be successful in today’s economy, where people are choosing to drink less, bartenders must now be versed in all aspect of service and product knowledge. Using the knowledge found in “Bartending Inside-Out”, bartenders can insure greater tips regardless of how busy the bar. Whether you are just out of Bartending school, learning on your own, or looking to learn more (yes, you can teach an old bartender new tricks!), this book has something for you.

Find out why so many Bartending schools across the country have chosen “Bartending Inside-Out” as a required supplemental book.

Here is what has been said about Bartending Inside-Out” on Amazon.com:

  • Just wanted to take a few moments to let you all know about the book.. While I had the chance to attend a trade conference I came across Lori's book and after having gotten a copy of it I ventured home. This book is a must tool for any bartenders out there.. Are you in the beginning stages of learning how to bartend? Then this book is an Asset.. Are you already a bartender but want to know more? Then this book is and asset. Finally are you a manager and want to learn the best ways to learn things about the business? Then this book is an asset.

  • I have made it mandatory reading for my bartenders, waitresses and barbacks so they can see where I am coming from as a manager.. Thanking you all in advance...

  • Finally a book for the professional bartender. It gives you the insight on what you really need to be professional bartender. Unlike most books that give you a 1000 recipes and teach you what cups to use, this book is truly designed to help those who wish to make a living bartending. A must read for those considering becoming a mixologist for a career or to supplement their income.

$11.95 plus $3.00 S&H



PBSA Inc. Laminated Cocktail Recipe Guide - 2012 Version!

The Professional Bartending Schools of America 2012 Laminated Recipe Guide is now available to the public. You may purchase any quantity at the list price of $12.50 each. There is no shipping charge added. Sales tax must be charged to any lists sent to an Ohio address.
PBSA Cocktail Recipe Guide To purchase, simply click on the "Buy Now" button below and you will be automatically directed to Professional Bartending Schools of America, Inc's secure page at PayPal. You may use your existing PayPal account or any of the four major credit cards. You DO NOT need to have a PayPal account to purchase the laminated recipe guide.


PBSAwill receive your order immediately and your laminated drink list will be shipped by USPS regular mail the next business day.

This is the same list that many PBSA bartending schools give to every student as a part of their supply package. These are the same recipes taught to over 7,500 bartenders each year.

The list is professionally laminated with 5 mil ultra-clear lamination. It is waterproof and tear-proof!

All of our recipes are formulated to professional pouring measurements and glassware. Recipe books you can buy at the book store or on the internet are usually compilations of drink recipes from many different sources.

If you spend time analyzing these recipes such as the Mr. Boston book, you will find tall drinks with recipe amounts of 4, 4 1/2, 5, 5 1/2 and 6 ounces. Yet all of these drinks go in the same glass which typically holds 5 ounces when filled with ice. A professional bartender cannot make drinks using these inconsistent recipes.

The bar owner or manager controls how much alcohol their bar will pour in each drink, regardless of what a bookstore manual says. Our drink recipes are all formulated with this consistent, easy-to-learn method. PBSA believes in teaching a responsible pour consistent with the major responsible service programs such as ServSafe, TIPS and TAM.

 Bartender Challenge Game from PBSA
If you live in an area where no bartending school is available, taking an online bartending course is an option for those who are quick learners or have some experience in another position in a bar.

The Cocktail Challenge is a perfect study tool for bartending students. It is also a fun way to learn cocktail recipes to make at home. Impress your family and friends with your newly-acquired drink-making skills!

Training and education is the same for all fields. The more you have, the greater your chances to succeed. In summary, go to a quality, state-licensed bartending school if you can. If not, try the PBSA Cocktail challenge. For $24.95 it's a bargain

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